X-ray (Radiology)

X-ray (Radiology)

X-rays ( RADIOLOGY )




X-rays of teeth :
Dental x-rays of the teeth , jaws that can not be examined in the clinical environment in order to display sections are taken . Dental X-ray represents an important resource for dental treatment . 

Types of dental X-rays :
Dental X-ray ;

  • Intraoral dental x-rays and
  • out of the mouth dental x-ray 
    Are two basic classes . allowing the formation of X-rays intraoral X-ray shots into her mouth , shooting his mouth off shoot is placed outside the mouth . 

    X-ray images of teeth in children :
    Children to follow closely the development of teeth and jaws , in order to further examination and dental x-ray images of children can be done. 

    X-rays :
  • Peripical Ray Film: Teeth and bones, shows normal or abnormal structures . sizes are usually small and can be used in the filming of 2-3 teeth .
  • Panoramic X-ray Film: Large -size images are used in an x-ray film . Upper and lower jaw bones, sinuses, jaw joints , nasal cavity, can be displayed. impaction is usually the treatment of wisdom teeth , and children before their teeth , jaw pekişimi examination is very important . 


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