Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Do your gums healthy enough ?



Gums ;

  • Orange peel and a light pink color in the image ,
  • Starting from the beginning part of the roots of teeth and gums surrounding the gum line along the border if you have an ongoing ,
  • Redness , swelling, or infection , or complaints ,
  • bleeding with the use of regular brushing and the rope does not occur ,
  • Gums after brushing is not in any pain ,
  • Hold tight with your teeth , gums has a strong image if you have

    There is no problem in your gums .



  • spontaneous blood when brushing your teeth or if
  • Gums red , swollen and irregular if there is a view ,
  • Gums pain from time to time , became a light to the pain, gum infection , or it leaked in the region feel teeth sensitivity ,
  • Gingiva recession and expose the root surface have been identified ,
  • edges of the teeth caused by gum pieces you see black areas ,
  • sway in the teeth , between teeth , and open space available if your attention ,
  • odor and bad taste in the mouth due to inflammation of the hearing , if
  • Gums itch , if you feel a tingling sensation , 
    is unhealthy gums.




Cause : 



The main cause of gum disease , called plaque , surrounding the tooth surface , the adhesive layer is transparent . plaque on your teeth , you may notice your campaign . one milligram of plaque contains about 500 million bacteria . But only cause of gum disease is plaque . 


  • Oral To breathe is an important factor in the formation of gum disease .


  • CIGARETTE Cancer, lung , heart diseases, such as inviting to a very important condition for the non- tooth is a significant danger . Gums are examined in terms of non- oral mucosa damage and to soften the gums can cause gum disease to develop . 


  • DRUG USE Birth control pills , anti - depressants , heart medication made a significant impact on your oral health is among the drugs . the people who use these drugs in the oral and dental health issues often are required to have doctors in the control . 


  • of hormonal changes Pregnancy, puberty , menopause, hormonal changes like menstruation period is concentrated in the gums become more sensitive . Hormonal changes during these gums should be kept more hygienic . 


  • CONCEPT IN THE ERA DISEASE : THE STRESS Growing cities, together with the difficulty of lifestyle which has become one of the era can not be treated uncomfortable stress, in terms of oral health has a negative effect . becomes easier to become infected because of the body to stay away from the stress , not only for your teeth , your body will be a positive approach . 


  • Gene pool found in the family genes encoding a tooth problem , can be genetically inherited . In this case , other oral health care in the slightest way , even if the infection status of these will be ignored . Therefore, the family lived in the pre- dental problems if there are other , more common to go to the dentist would be correct . 


  • TEETH to SIK - gnash teeth to weaken forces cause the link between teeth and gums as they cause damage to periodontal tissues . a reason for the withdrawal of gums, teeth, is common . By attaching the plate that night must stop squeezing is required. 



  •  Diabetes - diabetes Diabetic patients with periodontal (gum ) infections engage in high- risk group . Always check with routine gum a gum specialist ( periodontist ) are required to do . In addition to oral hygiene than the other people should show more sensitivity . 


  • Unbalanced diet outside of the health of your teeth and gums , an important factor for every organ of our body nutrition . Unbalanced diet , or the wrong result , our body is weakened , the gums may also cause damage . 


  • BAD TO THE BRIDGE AND FILLING the Crown was Gum print and flood fillings , crowns and bridges will create problems gums .







  • Gingivitis Gingivitis gum disease is one of the most tem , the gingiva is red and swollen and bleeding gums during brushing causes . In this phase, patients often do not feel much discomfort . With good care and proper treatment of periodontal health can be regained . about the importance of oral health is not shown if necessary gingivitis , periodontitis starts moving .


  • Aggressive Periodontitis aggressive disease , progression in a way that is destructive . Made and antibiotic treatment of gum may not respond to treatment may need to be supported . 



  • Chronic periodontitis progressive nature of the supporting tissues of the teeth, the teeth and gums iltahap results between the tissue and leads to bone loss . Withdrawal is characterized by pockets and gums . periodontitis, the most common type. Although it is usually seen in adults may be at any age . Located between the teeth and gum tissue yitirilmesie is slow, but rapid progress can be seen periodları . 


  • Occurrence of a systemic disease Periodontitis INDICATOR AS More often in young people with diabetes are seen as a systemic disease . 


  • Necrotizing periodontitis The bone tissue surrounding the teeth ( alveolar ) bone , periodontal ligament ( between the teeth and bone fibers ) and gum tissue necrotizing infections are in character . Suppression of the immune system is , and that malnutrition is more common in people who carry the AIDS virus is observed .





The treatment process at the beginning of gum disease , tooth and gum pocket depths that occur between the measure is necessary. Diagnosis, after measuring the amount of pocket depth and shows a is put in mind . accelerate the progress of deep pockets for gum disease , will be the first goal in the treatment of deep pockets shallow as possible . into the deep pockets of the microorganisms in brushing and flossing and cleaning is not possible completely .


Depending on the level of gum disease following the treatment plan is implemented within ; 


  • CLEAN TEETH MOVE to increase : For your oral health and general cleaning is done every six months the control of periodontal disease in individuals with or prone to it , the physician 's instructions and cleaning should be done in a shorter period would be . settled in pockets of plaque microorganisms in three - four months in the replication process , you can reach the number that could damage the bone . prevent the accumulation of plaque to be cleaned frequently to prevent damage to the bone .





  • enhance STEM FLAT SURFACE Among the public curettage , known as the root surface even enhance , the root surface anchor who plug special küretler with the help of the excavation , the surface removal and healthy root surface exposed by the gingiva re- root surfaces from sticking to supply process. 


  • GİNGİVEKTOMİ AND GİNGİVOPLASTİ As drug-induced or hereditary gingival create observed . This gum grow osteoporosis or bone formation is not accompanied by effects that require is not present in the gum to grow in deep , soft tissue between teeth gum can take to cut the wall . This process is called Gingivektomi . After this process is usually revised with gum surgery is to restore normal physiognomy Gingivoplasti process is applied .




Gums for a healthy smile is an inevitable element . No matter how healthy your teeth properly if you do not have to surround the gum , but around it is difficult to give an impressive smile . 


  • Unhealthy gums : Before applying aesthetic gums , gums healthy is important . because of periodontal disease the gums red, swollen and shiny gum treatment process to be applied primarily in the case .


  • Healthy Smiles : gums when they smile more than any aesthetic dentistry cases appear to be made if the process to be done or not been removed excess gum small operation with a nicer smile can be achieved. 



  • Gingival recession : As a result of recession , some teeth may appear too long . These teeth were exposed root surfaces . In such cases , primarily for treatment of gingival soft tissue grafts done with these openings should be closed .


gum irregular boundaries: In some teeth, gums and teeth with frames , gum recession, tooth loss and impaired driving because of such reasons may be far below or above . forms of gingival aesthetic ideals must be made prior to the application .

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