Orthodontic correction of complicated teeth , teeth , jaw and face, dealing with the removal of non-compliance is a science . 

Orthodontists your jawbone and teeth placed in the right place and ensures the correct position . the correction of dental crowding in the right as an important aesthetic beauty , oral and dental health also contributes to many . eliminate crowding of this region are more easily and effectively cleaned , so you would have to prevent tooth decay and gum disease . 

Also correct closing of the teeth and jaws with each other will be acquired for more healthy chewing function . When it comes to your child about seven years , such a treatment by a specialist orthodontic needs to determine whether there is a need . 


1 - fixed orthodontic appliances : 

Dental treatment is made with the pasted bracket . Brackets can be metal or porcelain . is particularly because of tooth-colored porcelain brackets are not aesthetically any inconvenience . 

2 - MOVING orthodontic appliances : are able to insert and remove the patient's own apparatus . are applied in simple cases . 

3 - orthodontics : deterioration of the upper and lower jaw relationship to each other according to their specific apereylerle inserted at an early age to face the fix is aimed at an area of orthodontics . orthopedic treatment and orthodontic treatment is often carried out together . 

4 - orthognathic surgery : corrected by orthodontic or orthopedic treatment cases are referred to orthognathic surgery . Jaw and facial birth defects or accidents that occur and may occur later due to disease . According to Chin and face each other in both aesthetic and functional disorders in patients with mismatch causes . 

5 - Invisalign :





 In some simple cases without the use of braces , crowding through the use of transparent molds can be corrected now . The patient is to be changed every two weeks in the pattern of special days are required to install approximately 20 hours . average of 60 couples each treatment (lower - upper jaw ) require different corrective pattern . The duration of treatment with braces is close to the duration of treatment . According to the situation may vary between 6 months and 24 months . 

HOW TEETH DURING MOTION EDER orthodontic treatment ? 

apply a force on the teeth with brackets and wires . So that a movement occurs in the direction of the force . Move the teeth in front of a temporary destruction of bone tissue is a movement in the opposite direction of the new bone tissue is made. the area where teeth are so new , a new slot or sit bones . 

CAUSES of orthodontic problems : 

1.Beslenme Disorders:




 Sufficient in feeding people , jaws and facial structures and the normal volume of the volumetric shrinkage will occur in the teeth, small chin can not find the necessary space for the deviousness of the rotation of ( rotation) , will also see cases of impaction . 

2.Ağızdan Breathing : causes chronic inflammation and the like , tons of extremely long time if you continue to grow . In this case airway narrowing and breathing difficulties occur . To overcome these difficulties in that area and be able to expand the air passages to the lower jaw of the child and therefore feel obligated to take the language forward . 

This situation will continue for a long time if the position is moved toward the front of the lower jaw . Language between the front teeth and gums enters the persistence of obstacles to clear if the closing occurs. If patients can not breathe through the nose , upper jaw may create a negative impact on growth potential . 

3.Parmak Absorption: A newborn baby has a highly developed suction mechanism . A baby sucking instinct is not satisfied , it will need to overcome some habits . Breast- fed children 9-18 months , this will not usually be seen . 

Studies of finger sucking in the first few weeks of life showed that induced hunger . at the beginning of the teeth to drive local iritasyonlardan resulting pain, go through thumb sucking habit this can be considered to help the teeth to be . Finger sucking decreases with age . 

Of thumb sucking causes: 

Sudden disconnection from the mother's breast or bottle , 

suction feeding babies end in a short time , 

long intervals of infant feeding to be converted. 

For the treatment of finger sucking habit is no definite age , a programming should be considered separately for each child . The degree of habit , affects the child's past time to adjust . After 3.5 years of thumb sucking in general continues to be the initiation of therapy . 

A child with this habit continues , and is absorbed by the number of fingers in the domain of the lower and upper teeth and the replacements will be closing on irregularities . 

4. False pacifier : Physiological properties of a pacifier sucking is not harmful to the age of 1,5 . Even the child's finger sucking a bad habit to prevent in terms yararlıdır.Yalancı pacifiers continuously been used time -domain in the tissues long- term abnormal effects will make those regions irregularities and various closing defects leads . 

5. Type of stay : Admission form, often during sleep in the position of the lower jaw is set . The latter position the lower jaw which is the average of 8 hours per day is about . For example , put the face with a child lying on his back lying position of the lower jaw in a child who is different. Asleep, lie on the same side always faces with a pillow between your hand or fist into the habit of putting his side in the other side will have a constant pressure for the orthodontic problems can arise . 

6. Tooth extraction , nail biting, pencil biting , lip biting and bad habits . 

7. early loss of milk teeth . 

8. irregularities of the teeth due to gum problems . 

9.Tooth loss due to irregularities occurred . 

10. 20 years in front of their teeth due to dental disorders compressed . 

11. as genetic predisposition. 

12. Hormonal disorders , systemic diseases. 

Adult Orthodontics 

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment . The bones surrounding the teeth, orthodontic treatment can be applied to anyone who is healthy . Moreover, no brackets are made of tooth-colored porcelain . Nobody can recognize your bracket so easily . Treatment, the patient's problem and according to the age of 3 months and lasts between 30 months . 

Orthodontics WHY ? 

Entangled with the teeth to provide oral hygiene is more difficult and therefore more easily gum disease and tooth decay occurs . 

relationship between crowding and the joint is full, chewing the digestive system is damaged a number of the problems begin . 

Upper and lower teeth are not fully compatible with each other cases, a single tooth or jaw joint pain and treatment as more burden can lead to difficult problems . 

In some cases , especially as a aesthetics can create amazing changes . 

Orthodontic brackets to edit your smile and health is one of the best options for your recovery . 

DURING those supposed to care orthodontic Your treatment 

Bracket to be easily collected food and plaque can cause . This is why oral hygiene is important . 

the need to use a medium soft brush . The use of a special orthodontic brush is also useful . 

Superfloss to flossing is very important to ensure complete hygiene . 

To ensure your oral hygiene to help you help other material is the interdental brush . 

mouthwashes also help you brush and floss at the next available , but note that it will never see a brush and not the duty of the rope . 

Apples, carrots and other hard foods should be eaten with a knife cut . If the brackets can break . 

cookies, nuts and hard to break , especially because the brackets can be consumed for them should be avoided . 

sticky foods like caramel stuck to the bracket and the brackets can break decay . During this period, your gum health is very important in terms of routine control .

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