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used to man's smile is one of its important features . Aesthetically , affecting people in the face with a smile enviable people who always have been . For a beautiful smile , please do the mouth , teeth may not be suitable for your skin . With today's technology because of various problems that people hesitate to smile , can become extremely attractive smiles .

In recent eye-catching , big teeth , instead of looking natural and attractive smiles that have become preferred . People no longer just naturally have found the real beauty can be achieved . 

Do not be afraid to smile 

You want to talk for hours about what a person anlatamaybilirsiniz . However, if there are so many things that tells against a smile . 

People hesitate to smile , to give the people the unrest . but the problem is not afraid to smile when we see someone who will try to find the cause of this problem . In this situation we face in our communications with the person who will create disconnections . 

In an attractive smile is a pleasant smile , your brain is that person's record and direction of attention is how the eye . Mix in a sense, to smile for the people in your exam is passed . Anything up to a healthy and radiant smile , personality, energy and confidence can not be expressed . 

While not everything is rotten once a mouth . Everything now has become a mouth healthy and aesthetically . 

Do you need at an aesthetic smile to attain ?

    • If you are envious of the person to smile on your face do you have ?
    • Show your teeth while trying not to laugh or you close your mouth with your hands as you do ?
    • Do you avoid smiling while taking a picture ?
    • your smile Is something bothering you ?
    • Open your mouth as well as your upper lip when you laugh your gums show too much to do coming up ?
    • The treatments are different from natural teeth, your teeth do you think ?
    • Would you like to have whiter teeth ?
    • Are your teeth crowding or irregularities ?
    • Are there spaces between your teeth ?
    • Front teeth or broken fillings Do you have a number ?
    • between your front teeth and the size differences are disturbing you ? 

      to one or several of these questions, you will find several solutions . 

      Factors Affecting your smiling : 

      have been 4.Diş 
      5.Yüz your way 
      6.Dişlerinizin shape and color of the order 

Dental and oral surgery on a person's face shape, skin color, gender, lips , gums , such as the shape factor is taken into consideration . face has a long way yet to the person 's face is long, thin, long teeth are made will appear. In this case, using a wider karemsi teeth length can be hidden or very round face , fat, thin -faced hastaya.uygulanan will show her long, thin teeth . Dental structures to the overall appearance of your body you think has more impact . 


1 -) AGE 

Do you look in the mirror do you see yourself in the elderly ? 
Your face has changed a lot , though you never feel old age may notice that your image but do not have to look like ! 

Anti- wrinkle creams, cosmetic , skin -lifting operations, and many operations will work to make you look younger than you are . But none of the jaw, mouth and teeth could have an impact on your aesthetic , this aesthetic will not be effective until you change it will fold . 

Our teeth, as well as everything else will be using the old . You eat , you drink all your teeth are wearing down a little bit more . How do you make your regular dental care , you have the crucial years before the brightness will not be able to achieve with brushing methods . 

bondingleme composite , porcelain veneers and crowns can be made with a smile absolutely perfect . changes in you that people around you just might notice a change in a positive direction is up . You have changed your hair , lose weight, but I think you can not see major changes in the teeth . not only beautiful but also because the treatment is also fully compatible with your face . 

Another problem encountered in advancing age on the nose with the tip of the chin of the face that is closer to the lower third ' reputation is shortened . Face of the bottom 1 / 3 of the soft tissues, bones, jaws and teeth are supported by . When you close your teeth (especially back teeth ), the height of this occurring is very important for support . Years are examined together with the jaw bones , teeth wear , and this distance is shorter . and now you can not chew it well enough to smile and to determine the sag of the soft tissues , causing enough support . 

in tooth wear becomes significant , and well over 40 years is very common. A tooth extraction and tooth grinding if the problem is rapidly reduced and is often broken . Teeth will look very bad , unable to fulfill their functions and additionally begin to create problems on the jaw joints and wrinkled and old shows all these people . 

If such a problem solution into the chewing surfaces of laminate veneer'lerdir poselen porcelain onlays and anterior regions . provides them both aesthetic and caused shortening of the teeth to correct the loss of face from lower 1 / 3 the size should be brought . 


significant differences between women and men are laughing . Some of these include: 


  • Laughter lines curved lower lip as follows.
  • Is more rounded and curved teeth .
  • middle of the front two teeth are bigger than others . 

  • Laugh lines are more flat .
  • köyeli have dreams and sharper flat .
  • difference in size between the four front teeth are not too many . 

    3. LIPS 

    aesthetic smile is an important element in the physiology of the lips . drooping of the lip or the edge of the natural tendency to be smiling about the bad effects of the factors. It is possible to correct the aesthetics of the lips . The issues to be considered , but here , her lips before aesthetics of their dental health , aesthetics is the necessary correction . 

    4. Gums 

    Even the most beautiful and healthy teeth is not framed properly shaped gums may not appear attractive . The treatment of your gums and teeth can not be aesthetically with smaller operations can be corrected . 

    Gums with a smile : smile when they gums more appear in the cases of any aesthetic dentistry procedures will be carried out if or not to do a little operation and gingival excess been removed nicer smile is achieved .



Gingival recession : a result of gum recession , some teeth may appear too long , the root surface is exposed . In this case, treatment of gum is made primarily of soft tissue grafts with these openings should be closed . 

Irregular boundaries of gum : Teeth and gums are the frame of some teeth may be too far below or above . intervention can be tailored with gingival aesthetic boundaries . 

Gingival pigmentation : Any injury as a result of natural gums or may have different color zones . 

of 5 - TOOTH FORM , AND COLOR of the order 


Applications in aesthetic dentistry , tooth form and color will vary according to the problem . If there are gaps between the teeth ( diestama ) Composite laminate veneers , or by filling this gap can be closed easily . 

If the color of your teeth is bad : 

The intensity of the color of your teeth , will determine the applicable procedure . Slight color distortion can be removed with bleach applications . For more advanced stages of color change in the composite or porcelain laminate veneer applications is performed . In severe cases of tetracycline color healing to be done first before the bleaching process must then laminate veneers . 

If there are teeth Çapraş : 

orthodontic treatment is to be done first . laminate veneers orthodontic treatment if the patient does not want to troubleshoot application and crowding . 

wear of the front teeth are broken and the ends are: 

The most aesthetic and long -term solution of getting rid veneerlerdir porcelain laminate . Your teeth are well protected against external influences , and you'll reach a beautiful smile . fractures in your teeth , or teeth grinding problems caused by tightening if the night guard called after the laminate plates are needed to protect teeth . 

In front of a large number of dental fillings are bad colors are: 

The composite fillings can be made cheap and easy treatment is renewed . But there are also restrictions arising from the structure . So , even though a nice filler if done too much coffee, tea , smoking one to two years if you are filling will absorb the color . application of porcelain laminate veneers the coloring agent is not affected by any time and are not stained . In such cases, is preferable. 


Aesthetic dental practice , was designed to exactly match your smile is very important to people . Sometimes the teeth are very well prepared because I do not add anything to the opposite side of the eye for comfort. Skin color is the color of the application to be made is one of the most important factor in determining . A dark complexion with brown people very light color , bright , attractive teeth compliant and a beautiful smile provides unable , lighter skin color with people these teeth are more natural stop and smile harmony is maintained. 


In natural teeth, face shape is a similarity between the shape of the teeth . If you have an oval face that is oval or elliptical form of the teeth are very close . aesthetic harmony in applications that we can capture a natural smile . 

Sometimes disrupt this alignment we use the cosmetic illusion . it will not disturb the person's face , square, round or longer. Is designed so people laugh at this condition is taken into consideration , the shape of teeth, your smile with a new face by changing the way lessened the discomfort . 


Porcelain Laminate Veneers : Thin poselen leaves pasted to your teeth makes incredible changes . Is the most widely used techniques in aesthetic dentistry . Because the tooth no , or very little substance is removed , will create big changes . Light to review the feature is not possible to distinguish from natural teeth . 

Bleaching : natural color of your teeth sparkling white and makes more . Trauma, old age and composed of various drug use destroys the color . 

Composite fillings : Gap fills , fracture repair , and advanced materials compatible with enamel discoloration remit . Is cheap, easy to implement but has a limited life . 

porcelain crowns without metal support : in order to improve the look and health , it has been damaged or lost teeth already implemented. 

Cosmetic Contouring : your teeth regularly and properly to be seen are tiny abrasive shaping .


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