Priority should be known that that place of natural teeth, it does not hold an artificial tooth . Therefore treated as a natural tooth to the last point of our need to protect . Dental disease is one of the most common method of protection is one of the root canal treatment . Canal treatment is helping to protect the damaged tooth . 

Pulp (nerve , blood and lymph vessels within the soft layer of the tooth containing ) , unable to repair itself when damaged as pulp dies. it is usually broken or deep cavities in teeth caused by bacteria . At the core of the tooth , bacteria can cause inflammation . Remove the pulp is not damaged or diseased teeth and surrounding tissues are exposed to infection . And eventually you may lose all your teeth . 
Root canal therapy prevents tooth pulled , so to fill this gap by cutting the bridge in front and rear of the tooth or implant prosthesis does not need to be done . The best dental implant is made canal treatment . 

What is root canal treatment and how to apply ?

In cases where pulp damage of root canal therapy is a treatment modality applied . In previous years, when ill, compared with a soft layer of the teeth while shooting a single solution , it is possible today to treat these teeth . 

Canal treatment is done, what happens? 

Deep bruises , fractures and trauma due to dental pulp itself in good condition loses vigor , all the tooth can spread infection . infected root canal treatment is done, can reach up to the tissue at the tip . by inflammation of the jaw bone surrounding the tooth wear . abscesses occurred in the gap occurs . This scene is accompanied by pain and swelling and tooth is lost in a short time . 

Stages of root canal therapy ; 


1. being treated primarily for a painless and comfortable dental anesthesia is applied . 

2. cleaned and then decay , reaches to the core of the tooth is removed and soft tissue disease . Nerve and tissue debris is cleared . 

3. tooth root canal until the tip is shaped . If you need some drugs can be applied to accelerate healing . 

4. Between sessions of the tooth with dental filling materials over heals temporarily closes up . Has been found to produce inflammation and root tips stopped coming from the infection after the end of the channel within the filler with a special root to tip is filled . 

5. Some cases, these sessions are not needed at all in a single session of root canal therapy root canal treatment in a healthy manner is possible to finish . 

The life of a tooth root canal treatment has been applied to what is up ? 

If tooth decay if not infected again if preventive measures are taken , these fillings can be used for life . You can catch the beginning of infection control in your dentist regularly . Moreover, with very good oral hygiene tooth decay be prevented again . 

To understand the functioning of root canal therapy , primarily in short , we need to understand the anatomy of teeth . gingiva in the visible portion of the tooth above the ' crown ' , and the bone in the mouth that does not appear to the rest of the ' root ' is called . A tooth, such as our bones are composed of several layers . 

Outermost layer , the gum above the limit deemed ' mine ' are renamed . been the hardest substance in our body is mine and mineralized . Gum line under the ' cement ' substance called the root surface vessels . Under layers of enamel and cementum ' dentin ' is the name for a given structure . Although the bone is almost as hard as dentin , enamel, in contrast, kept their nerve is a structure . 

Dentin is a sub- structure ' pulp ' takes its name . Pulp small and large blood vessels, connective tissue, nerve fibers , and is made up of several cells . A pulp of the tooth during growth and development mission is to feed it . When fully developed tooth , the pulp is one function , is damaged or infected by transmitting the pain is ( was inflammation ) is to notice . 

Sometimes the pulp can be inflamed . In this case, removal of pulp and root canal treatment deterministic . Canal treatment is the only way of keeping such a tooth in the mouth . has completed development of a tooth pulp can be successfully carried out without the function . 

How pulp becomes infected ? 

damage that is being infected pulp ltihaplanarak untreated caries are the most general way . Some bacteria are present in every human ağızının and they do not normally cause any damage . However , some carbohydrates (sugar ) in foods that contain or be metabolized çecekleri ( ie break ) to remove the acid . These acids damage the enamel and dentin caries verir.Bu which way is left untreated , the bacteria below the dentin pulp (nerve ) tissue, as far , and its disclosure can cause inflammation . 

from dental pulp also can become infected as a result of trauma . result of a severe blow from the tooth , jaw bone, teeth transmitted through blood circulation can be cut and lose viability over time so that the pulp tissue . An interesting point, however , cracked a tooth enamel or dentin of the canal at the level of treatment requirements may be reduced. Because the broken tooth, correct blood flow to accelerate to trauma abzorbe user can see a task . 

Another way of becoming infected tooth pulp around the long- term periodontal ( gum and surrounding area ) is the existence of the disease . inflamed gingival bacteria through root canals of the tooth surface next to the tiny opening to get pulpasına the ' retrograde infection from inflammation that can lead . Regardless of the way of teeth to get infected , resulting in tooth pulp tissue and gradually loses its vitality in the surrounding jaw bone can lead to painful abscesses . 

How to tell if a tooth is infected ? 


Teeth against the cold and hot food and drinks create long- term accuracy , it is heard a bit of pain from the infection may be mentioned. At the same time, the color of your teeth without any pain or serious changes have occurred in the surrounding gum tissue swelling is a sign of dental infection . 

In some cases without any symptoms such as dental and radiographic examination findings obtained as a result of the tooth root - canal treatment may need to see revealed . 

requires the use of antibiotics in a tooth infection ? 

Inflammation is a tooth or root canal treatment or extraction of his teeth in cases of advanced destruction may be considered. the entire structure of the tooth pulp in the death creates the ideal environment for bacteria . If necessary, the body's defense system and to strengthen the fight against infection, your doctor may give you antibiotics . 

during and after root canal treatment pain I hear ? 

Root canal treatment in terms of both physicians and patients is a treatment that requires patience and dedication . The most important task of the physician , his patient during the procedure to be comfortable as possible and to avoid pain . Therefore considers it necessary in cases of medical treatment before anesthesia and around the teeth in question . patients do not feel any pain with numbness obtained quickly and the treatment is completed . 

Is the number of distinct roots of the teeth ? 

Mouth in front of the incisors and canine teeth , and this is usually a root canal is located in the first . Mouth on the side of a small molar teeth, usually two roots and 2 or 1 channels mevcuttur.Üst in the jaw molars usually three roots and three or four channels when the lower jaw the molars of the two roots and three or four channels are available . Apart from these generalizations are sometimes additional number of roots and canals are also possible. 

What are the stages of root canal treatment ? 

1. no local anesthesia . 
2. If you have dental caries at the opening of root canals are cleaned . 
3. X-rays taken to determine the length of the channel .
4.Kök be cleaned out , the content of the channel . 
5.Kök forming channels .
6.Kök disinfection channels . 
7.Kök channels to fill . 

pain after root canal therapy , will you? 

After treatment the teeth can be seen in the light of complaints of pain and tenderness , but this situation is temporary . The best solution in this case, the side of his teeth as effective for a few days to avoid . A short time later found to be sensitive to disappear . 

How can I find out the root canal treatment has failed ? 

made towards the canal therapy is about 90-95 % success rate . If during treatment, the roots in the pulp tissue if left in the root canal filling good condition when not in the channel into the microorganism leakage of the process during the break because of dental damage with or root for the area between the fractures is composed of root canal treatment may fail . In most cases, a failed root canal treatment when pain occurs after the bite . 

In case of failure of root canal treatment is done ? 

root canal treatment often renewed , if any bug fixes in the solution is reached. Former canal fillings are removed , the tooth being shaped channel is cleared and re- filled again .

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