Conc. Dental Treatment

Conc. Dental Treatment





sticky secretions in the mouth from bacteria and their dextrandan consisting of plaque , the remaining sugar and flour-based foods in the mouth creates acid residues . These acids , minerals, texture of the teeth by dissolving the enamel of the tooth starts to deteriorate and eventually cause the tooth decay . 

The first signs of dental caries and white spots on the surface is formed . decay can be stopped at this stage and come back . White spots , in enamel, which indicates a loss of minerals . After a while it grows up to open a hole in mineral loss . If these losses continue to be affected by tooth, soft interior and destructive process is accelerated . Treatment at best will be a great filler . 



Composite fillings caries, fracture , and in esthetic tooth-colored fillings are used as . These deposits , prepared cavities placed layer by layer and each layer hardened with a special light . They are aesthetically and economically . 

Try it could hold a special dental adhesive bonding the teeth do not cause unnecessary loss of materials . During hardening , albeit a very small shrinkage may be a lifetime is not long enough to porcelain fillings . Composite fillings cigarettes, tea, coffee, cola , soy contains substances such as coloring agents, change the color depending on usage . 

Amalgam Fillings : 


Amalgam fillings , silver, mercury, copper and tin alloy is a mixture . These alloys in dental filling materials for hundreds of years old is the most secure . But it is aesthetically poor . 

Inlay - onlay in PORCELAIN FILLING 

laboratory porcelain fillings are fillings prepared with superior aesthetics and durability . According to composite fillings , dental and applied much more compatible with adjacent teeth . This fills in the lab outside of the mouth caused by the preparation characteristics . 



Broken teeth , cavities or old fillings remaining after removal of the solid part of the measure taken is the way the lab . In laboratory conditions , the model was prepared with a sensitive technology , taking into special IPS machine fills with excellent aesthetics and function is achieved . 

IPS porcelain ( Leucide pressable reinforced porcelain ) fillings , are the world between intraoral restoration materials to tooth structure is most suitable materials . porcelain fillings that are used in preparing the most advanced technology . 

IPS in the method of filling teeth in the mouth healthy tissue untouched. maximum adhesion is achieved with minimal material loss . and mouth , as they are compressed in a special porcelain hard edges is minimum leakage (which fills the falling blocks of six caries and fillings ). 

In addition, this hardness of porcelain teeth and gums with the most suitable materials are the best . Hardness of tooth enamel tissue is very close to the grinding teeth, not for others , such as porcelain , composite fillings do not wear as well . material loss , especially in large , composite fillings or crowns ( coating ) should be preferred instead . 

Inlay - onlay of COMPOSITE FILLING 

Composite material prepared outside the mouth, tooth fillings are applied . Tooth decay or fractures occur after removal of part of the space is taken and the extent of filling is prepared with the help of this model . 

dental fillings are prepared with special glue . Composite inlay - onlay composite that can not be implemented until the large cavities are used . shrinkage problems are less severe than mouth , porcelain fillings , but still are not as durable and aesthetically . They can be economically preferable . 

FILLING of slaave 

Tooth decay or gum erosion due to close parts of the material loss caused by tooth-colored fillings are used in the treatment .



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