Dental implants, made from various biological materials are artificial roots . as well as in various forms today are mostly using a screw -like implants . a surgical procedure under local anesthesia and are placed into the jaw bone . 

Today's dental implants, unlike natural teeth , jaw bones are directly united . for the realization of this combination mean surgery is necessary to wait until 3-6 months after the procedure . In this period , the temporary prosthesis can be delivered to patients . 

However , in some cases this may not be possible . After a combination of bone implant , appropriate placement of the rest of the construction is carried out and implant -supported prostheses begins. 



Implant supported removable prosthesis 



Implant -supported removable prosthesis , fixed prosthesis can be performed , especially in the fall of the previous prosthesis and / or moving to the patients complain of being implemented.
However, if the future is to use a fixed prosthesis , however, unable to meet the cost of treatment that is applicable to patients with a prosthesis to support the implant is usually recommended to use at least two 

in acrylic resin denture base material that can be used in , a metal base may be used . Supporting tissue and implants transmit chewing forces to less use of dental acrylic resins are preferred team . Some conservative elements are combined with prosthesis implants . 



These prostheses are prostheses that can be removed by the patient . Implant - conservative elements around and denture cleaning for meals after the removal of their physicians recommended by the technical hygiene requirements are met gerekmektedir.Geleneksel prosthesis like (complete denture or removable partial dentures ) at night they are not recommended. 

of implant supported fixed prosthesis 

Implant supported fixed prostheses, commonly missing teeth (s ) region , will support the implant will be placed in the bone is of good quality and sufficient quantities are applied . 

on one or more screw implant (s ) or adhesives ( dental cement ) are Through the fixed prosthesis . As can be implemented in a single missing teeth , missing teeth and jaw complete toothlessness section can also be applied in the case . 






if you screw with the dentures sabitleniyorsa , the screw holes of the composite resin filling material by a physician ( radiation hardened filler ) and closes. placed by physicians and patients are not removed by conventional fixed prosthesis ( crown - bridge) is similar . 

These prostheses according to the porcelain or acrylic resin coating on a metal substructure can contain entirely made of porcelain dentures are also

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