Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY is - ( Pedodontics )


Any treatment applied to children and preventive dental procedures done , the dentist to have received special training in this regard pedodontist (children's dentist ) , the branch of dentistry Pedodontics called it. 

Pedodontics is basically divided into two parts . 



considerably in terms of prevention primary tooth decay in children , is to avoid excessive consumption of sugary and sticky substances . A bruise occurs should be studied to determine the cause and other dental health of children must be protected . Since the early years of children ( 6 months - 1 year old ) should take a dentist . development of the child's mouth and teeth must be kept under control . Starting from a young age can also take you to a dentist for children , "dental fear " was not found . 


Dental caries in the permanent or temporary filling will be cleaned according to the situation is treated with . edilemiyecek in some cases treated with dental fillings are so devastated . Instead of teeth pulled so sometimes specifically designed for kids ' cap ' s in the mouth can be kept covered with a while . With developing technology used to produce filler material suitable for children . Often this has been made colored fillings has attracted the attention of children in a positive direction . 




Childhood in children who are constantly on the move , can often fall . Like all regions of the body , mouth, teeth and jaw areas are also at risk . To avoid these risks , it is possible in various ways . Your dentist will prepare a simple mouthpiece, to the bottom of the face will prevent future damage to the creation of a trauma . Especially football , boxing , skiing , basketball , cycling , surfing, such as sports, children, the upper jaw teeth mounted on the silicon , a transparent mouthpiece of the pillow effect to the results of dental trauma, fractures or the lips , tongue bite and tear is prevented. 

most common dental injuries in these injuries. Mouth guards and front teeth do not strike the teeth of a child , depending on the force of the blow received or is completely broken , or brush your teeth or live part of the pulp is damaged to varying degrees . If this damage causes the death of the pulp of the tooth is broken and the light brown color ranging from dark gray to a color. 

3 - COUP 

If teeth are divided over the impact the results ; 
Put a clean gauze between the teeth , go to your dentist immediately drenched with saliva . ulaşamıyacaksanız your dentist right away you get from a pharmacy gauze soaked with saline and then contact a dentist as soon as possible . treatment was started later than one hour in mind the necessity for appropriate çıkarmayın.Şartlar your dentist will place the female cast . 

If the fractures occur in the front teeth ; : 
strokes result from a variety of large and small parts can break teeth . Collect all the parts you can find it , you can find saline, placed in the saliva if you can't Find . Our dentists examine these pieces of various sizes and re- assembly can take if they see fit . People use their own teeth , given the importance of contemporary dentistry has become one of the principles . 

Tooth fragments or kayboyduysa very crumbly ; 

1. The broken part is smaller A white fillings in teeth are the same color and form . These deposits have a limited durability of the oral cavity . Tea, coffee, cola change color with food for like , they must be renewed for a certain period of filling . regeneration frequency of filling and cleaning of the person to give oral health the önemlede vary . 

2. Fracture is greater than Cover half or more of the tooth if the porcelain laminate veneers on average are older than 17 years . Porcelain laminate veneers and my very durable he is very aesthetic . 

under the age of 17 has not completed the development of teeth and jaws of porcelain laminate veneers implementation is not true . Again, the entire front surface of teeth and broken into sections to make the composite laminae . After a period of laminar composite color may be required for the renewal . 

do not see any problems after the coup : 

detailed examination must be performed by a dentist and x-rays must be drawn from the region . After examination and x-rays even without any signs of periapical X-rays will be repeated at regular intervals and compared with previous films . Vibrant section of the teeth in the long term goal here is whether a problem is detected . Even after years of teeth by changing the color loses its vitality . Such a situation is determined by application of root canal treatment will prevent complications that can lead to tooth loss . 

Four - tooth extraction 

In some cases, tooth decay , teeth on the inside of living things (nerve - pulp ) section to proceed . an inflammation of the jaw bone to the tooth root infection occurs. That the child's face to swell , giving rise to severe pain . Body started to hurt to keep this tooth in the mouth is not right for the child's health . If a milk tooth decay , especially the teeth and permanent teeth from the bottom of the tooth is too close in time to drive is no problem at all . When riding near the permanent tooth is not drawn apparatus of the tooth must be replaced by a placeholder . 

One of the primary teeth are not decayed teeth, making tooth extraction before being pulled teeth really need to be explored in detail . to separate the female from the chin , must be seen as a last resort and if possible alternative solutions should be emphasized . other alternatives do not exist in the shooting of teeth , teeth are drawn . After the tooth and the space , according to the child's age can be removed by the orthodontic treatment begins . Gap should be closed to other tooth , upper and lower teeth from closing properly ensured . permanent teeth in just one shot is left side of the teeth are bent in this space . The backlash against the space is extended to the mouth and teeth because of all the crank . 

5 - CLEAN 

plaque on teeth comprising ( consisting of food residues and microorganisms, whitish , sticky layer ) was collected until it is uzaklaştırılamıyacak with regular brushing cleaned by the dentist must be removed. This process of plaque in the long term will bring about the formation of tartar and cavities will prevent such problems . 

2 ) To prevent the formation of PROBLEM ORIENTED PROTECTIVE Dental APPLIEDW: 

Today, in every field of medicine, dentistry as well , without creating problems of preventive medicine has become more important to stop as well . Preventive dentistry is very important , especially in children . Hassle-free , inexpensive and painless dental practices is the first child of the face are related to preventive dentistry is preferred . 


To complete oral and dental care is only possible with accurate information . Brushing and flossing to teach , to review their eating habits and to explain the importance of dental care including oral hygiene education , will not remain incomplete information . For these children , as well as education is important for adults too . 

Superficial second - FLOR APPLICATION 

Fluoride from water or eating food that can be bought from many is a natural mineral . Since time immemorial rate in excess of fluoride in water, inhabitants in the region compared with dental caries is less noticed and is investigating the cause of fluoride tooth enamel resistant to decay were made . optimal dose of city water was previously thought , and in some areas floridlenmesi applied , then the dose was reduced by some side-effects . 

Recently, surface fluoride applications have gained importance. The mother receives during pregnancy , or 6 given to the child from the month of fluoride tablets effect did not yield the expected positive effect . by the crystal structure of enamel , fluoride is applied to the surface effects are becoming more resistant to acid . Thus more difficult to etch and formation of caries is difficult. 

Superficial fluoride applications can be started from the age of 3 and should be repeated every six months, a simple , painless procedure. For several minutes after the application is stored in the child's teeth and fluoride on the surface of the teeth will make a much more healthy and strong . 

3 - Fissure SEALENT 

chewing surfaces of teeth is intricate . recesses and protrusions that are called pits and fissures . This region is very narrow and often rotten food because of the frequent occurrence where it began are clean . In these regions and consequently the accumulation of microorganisms in food and in order to prevent decay on a filling material is a special fluid . 

First of fissure sealant in this area is fully cleared and we also apply flowable into the region . Light and hardened with lacquer excess is corrected . Through this process constituting 70 % of all caries chewing surfaces can be protected from decay . May be used for many years under normal conditions , particularly ice or chewing habits , such as those with bruxism should be checked frequently . 



The most appropriate time to make this application , the child's permanent teeth come in is the completion time . Generally, children under the age of permanent teeth is completed and the appropriate time for application is captured sealent fissure . When permanent teeth start to an important point soon after riding ( within 1-2 years ) were observed dahaolumlu conclusions . The longer decay time is increased because the probability of occurrence and fissure sealant to a tooth may need to replace . 

Fissure Sealent How to Apply 

Sealent before applying the cleaning of the teeth is very important . With this purpose, a special solution is brushing your teeth by your doctor , cleaned and dried. 

located at the top of the enamel of the tooth with the aid of a gel layer is etched and glue ( bonding ) is applied , light a brush with hard then sealentin füssür fill in the recesses are provided , again, are hardened by light . checked whether the height of the protective lacquer is applied . Very simple, inexpensive. A guard is a type of painless and effective . 


of milk tooth decay , fracture or stroke due to reasons such as being thrown into the space fit the placeholder . Placeholders , and lasted until the permanent tooth is ready , side bending of the tooth , milk teeth are lost , turning in front of them to fill the gap . If not put a placeholder in the space in front of the jaw may begin to grow teeth .
If milk teeth early shots adrift after the development is occurring , this next move will result in permanent tooth, no space left . permanent teeth so that no time or place other than normal will develop or not . 

Fixed placeholder : 

Placeholder for the care and protection: 

  • Avoid sticky foods and chewing gum .
  • Your tongue or your fingers and bend Do not try to push a placeholder .
  • placeholder with regular brushing and use the rope to keep clean .
  • Please make sure to check every 6 months .




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