Maxillofacial mouth Surgery

Maxillofacial mouth Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



  • All kinds of mouth tooth root must be taken immediately in pain . Because these teeth are a source of local infection . spread to another area of our body , infection can occur .
  • peridondal heavy in the mouth gum disease as a result of the bone surrounding the root of two thirds " of luxury rezopsiyona suffered if the treatment or tooth extraction should be a chance .
  • The tooth root If treatment can not be larger lesions . ( cyst , apical lesions, etc ... )
  • Before radiotherapy teeth will cause problems .
  • Buried or half buried teeth will cause problems .
  • Orthodontic for treatment when necessary . 

    not be forgotten that the modern approach to attract females , the female is to be treated . The tooth should not be any pain . Treatment of the teeth must be removed without luck . 

    20 YEARS tooth extraction 

    Wisdom teeth are the teeth that are experiencing the most problems . If not enough space in the jaw teeth, sunken or half- buried in the 20 years remains to swell percent , and suddenly , jaw , or the crash may cause severe pain . dental age of 20 must therefore be checked and if the withdrawal is necessary . Although there is no pain after wisdom teeth out should be checked by doctors . 

    WHY wisdom teeth pulled ? 

    1. ROTTEN: The position of females in the age of 20 because his teeth or adjacent teeth can be seen in the decay . 

    2. Orthodontics : Many young patients to correct dental crowding in orthodontic treatment is to . Given the age of 20 , especially the front teeth while in the area where the teeth can cause crowding increased . 

    3. PRESSURE PAIN : The trying to drive the 20 years she could be pain due to compression of the adjacent teeth . In some cases this pressure is due to tooth wear . 

    4. In ET DENTAL INFECTIONS : 20 years she does not go the full 20 years in the food waste and bacteria into the bottom of the gum around the tooth and cause infection . This is bad breath , pain, reduced mouth opening and facial swelling may cause such effects . lymph infection can spread through the right cheek and neck . 

    5.PROTEZ : 20 years in patients with a prosthesis embedded in dental prosthesis mismatch can cause the driving starts . do so in patients with total prosthesis röntegen Panoramic review of great importance. 

    6. CYST FORMATION : buried or half buried in the soft tissue around the cyst 20 years the female may occur . Receipt of these cysts and the teeth , any future destruction of bone and adjacent teeth is very important in terms of prevention . In rare cases, a cyst may develop tumors or cysts due to the excessive growth of the jaw fractures can occur spontaneously 

    Those ATTENTION SHOULD BE AFTER OPERATION Instead of shooting or after shooting and the operation was put into operation in the region from the buffer up to half an hour to complete are not eligible. Although this process is completed , the buffer after receiving a new tampon , if bleeding can continue . 

    Shooting or after surgery , before drug effects do not eat any food . 

    24 hours a day to chew with your mouth, see the other side . Pain, infection or bleeding in the avoidance zone for the shot with your hands , do not play with your tongue . 

    damage to all parts of our body 24 hours stay away from cigarettes . 

    a slight swelling after tooth extraction can occur . may have a more pronounced swelling after surgery . Which minimize swelling the first day of operations for the region, 10 min. intervals, it is important to make ice pack from the outside . 

    The first 24 hours , every two hours with warm salt water gargle here . 

    does not increase bleeding and clotting Avoid spitting in the place not to play . 

    Operated in the region , yüzrengi changes 70-10 days it may take . 

    Prescription is given, as described in use . Your drug-induced illness , matter , inform your doctor . 

    Burial of problems need to get their teeth MIN AGE 20 ? 

    embedded in the lower jaw teeth 20 a day trouble . Pain , swelling , or inability to open the jaws of a sudden you do not expect any such problems may be . 20 years have impacted teeth removed , so the problem is whether or not to be taken . 


    I feel pain after surgery ? 

    Many people in pain after the procedure and the degree of operation , depending on the reaction against the illness feels . Your doctor get his medication on time will help to reduce these disturbances . 

    I will face swelling ? Whether there will be bruising ? 

    Depending on the operational status of the facial swelling and bruising may occur. Even among people in similar operations, swelling and bruising can be very different . In the first days of your face is less uygulacağınız ice pack will help the swelling . 

    How do apart from school or work ? 

    Wounds to heal the earth , your threshold of pain you go through the discomfort , your age , your general health status , your reaction to the pain of the operation depends on the degree and post-operative care . impacted wisdom tooth surgery is usually up to 1-2 days is required to stay away from school or work . If some operations are carried out more simply . In this type of operation will be no rest period may be less so . 

    how after the operation wound should be protected ? 

    tamper with the location of wounds , stuffed into the food waste , for reasons such as smoking may occur iltaplanma in shooting . This causes the pain . oxygenated water to clean the area and these complaints are resolved with appropriate antibiotic use . 

    Will you be bleeding after shooting ? 

    In a few hours after the shooting to see blood in your saliva is normal. This is because the light from shooting over the first few hours of a blood spill is continuing . small amount of blood on your pillow the next morning to find colors that are seen sıklılkla situation is normal. 20 years after surgery, she shot with serious bleeding problems are very rare . In such a situation you have to contact your doctor immediately . 

    need to do to avoid causing bleeding şuşekilde can list ; 

  • 1 - aspirin and its derivatives must not be used before and after their operations .
  • 2 - After the operation, as far as possible away from heat .
  • 3 - Do not suck the operation area , do not touch and see to avoid excessive movement .
  • 4 - Spitting blood clot which breaks down as the bleeding continues , therefore, refrain from spitting .
  • 5 - Operations area of the buffer gas pressure you can apply for a period of twenty minutes . If bleeding continues and then continue with the backup buffer . 

    APİKAL resection ( iltahaplı tissue taken from the root tip ) 

    Apical resection, root tip of the tooth within the bone iltahaplı be taken as part of the surgery is the name given to the application . 
    In the root tip , the first operation to be done when a field iltahaplı is root canal therapy . But sometimes these iltahabın in removing root canal treatment and the patient's symptoms alone can not continue. When faced with a situation such as surgery and root tip of the damaged tissue needs to be taken . 


    In multi -rooted teeth , which is damaged is the process of taking root . Then the sound of roots or root crown was restored on the remaining teeth in the mouth is provided. 


    In any region of the mouth, teeth , or teeth lost long ago in people , called resorbsiyon begin the application process . Decrease in bone resorption can be described as fusion . bone loss of teeth in front of the melting zone creates crash or become insufficient bone for implant surgery will bring . leads to health problems . 

    with various treatments metodlarımız , rezorbsiyona have suffered diminution in the region can be increased again . For small defects in the bone bank is prepared using frozen -dried bone defects larger than a person's own bone is taken from . hürelerinin be alive because of the bone have a higher success rate . On the other hand, bone tissue is taken from a surgical procedure has been applied in the region , two regions of space comes into operation . 


    In some cases, bone graft is placed to cover the gum tissue and recovery may not be adequate . In such cases, usually taken from the palatal periodontal tissue of the posterior region were brought to the area planted to obtain an increase in soft tissue . 


    Many reasons may have to take their molars . In such cases the age of 20 unerupted teeth in the mouth if it is present , who have taken these 20 years of the molar teeth are in place .

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