Laminete Veneer

Laminete Veneer




porcelain leaves that are attached to the front side of teeth . The best protection is a feature of the treatment . Veneers can be done to remove tissue from the tooth is very small. Average 0.3 to 0.7 mm is sufficient to remove tooth structure . Then veneers are prepared in the desired color and form, and pasted . Reasons include being very thin and the metal is very successful and aesthetically . 


Due to laminate veneers allow light to pass , is applied to the teeth to look completely like the real thing has a unique feature . Disco or a flash of light burst in the metal coating is no black spots in the mouth as it seems , while laminate veneers look like real teeth . 

In the first examination of dental patients a more measures are taken without interruption . With this model, laboratory mock -up of a special material ( rehearsal work) is applied . Doctors and patients on the three -dimensional model captures the chances of consensus . How much will your teeth being cut so your chances are three -dimensional vision . 

Then the teeth are prepared with a short and painless process . with you and your doctor decide on the form and length of temporary veneers made of plastic bonded . Porcelain veneers can protect them until your teeth . This makes the necessary corrections at the same time a three -dimensional model for the second sees the task . face of the teeth are checked for compliance with the necessary additions to etching and is positioned to face the ideal aesthetic smile . According to this model, the lab is prepared and bonded porcelain veneers . 

very thin porcelain veneers to break if they were stuck , even though they are very resistant . bonding process takes place in a special way and then laminate veneer tooth paste is not possible to distinguish . However, like natural teeth can be removed by etching 

Laminae easy application process , cigarettes, tea, coffee, materials like painted not and opaque features natural tooth indistinguishable should be due today of the most ideal aesthetic treatment method has become . 

WHO DO can laminate veneer ? 

  • Those in the front teeth are broken ,
  • Teeth are among those who
  • bold large fillings in front teeth and those teeth ,
  • people who are not satisfied with the color of teeth ,
  • Orthodontic treatment does not want , intricate gear to people ,
  • worn teeth on the upper surface of those
  • Satisfied with the way your teeth without , 
    without damaging the teeth to anyone who wants to attain a beautiful smile can be applied laminate veneers . 




  • front surface of the tooth was removed from the average 0.3 to 0.7 mm for items you do not need no teeth to be cut .
  • We are specially prepared three -dimensional model without cutting more teeth in your own mouth as you can see how your image will have .
  • Correct indication , correct technique and is best done with an aesthetic that can not be immediately noticed by other people so integrated with the person's face .
  • Light to review the feature is not possible to distinguish from natural teeth .
  • Well polished porcelain surface , minimizes the formation of tartar .
  • Coffee, tea, color will not change with external factors such as smoking .
  • As the material is very fragile . However , enamel and pasted exactly , and the tension is very high resistance to tensile forces .
  • Abrasion resistance is high.
  • Treatment process is very short . After two or three comments on our medical aesthetics and can have an attractive smile . 


    treatment costs are higher than other alternatives . 
    Is a sensitive technique . Requires a good clinical and laboratory studies . Experts , non- aesthetic vision of poor physicians to be objectionable . Our clinic having aesthetic sensitivity , and an expert physician will help you to look into the future with a smile .

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